Parcel Split

The California State Subdivision Map Act establishes a process for parcel maps allowing the division of residential land creating not more than four parcels. The proposed division of commercial and industrial land into more than four parcels can also be processed as a parcel map.

The approval of the tentative parcel map and recording of a final parcel map is necessary before title can legally be transferred for any portion of a proposed lot or parcel.

Boundary Survey

A survey for the purpose of locating the corners, boundary lines and/or easements of a given parcel of land. This involves record and field research, measurements, and computations to establish boundary lines in conformance with the Professional Land Surveyors’ Act.

Boundary Line Adjustment

Lot line adjustment and boundary line agreement applications are utilized whenever lot line adjustments are proposed between two to four existing adjoining lots. In this application, land is taken from one lot and added to an adjoining lot. In no case are any new lots created.
The initial application is made to the County Surveyors Office to determine if it complies with County zoning and General Plan requirements.

The second and final step is an application to the County Surveyors Office. In most cases new legal descriptions are wrote and a map is prepared. The County Surveyor’s Office will review, approval, and record the map and other documents.

Topographic Survey

Typically the survey will locate property lines, easements and topographic features – such as contour/ surface of the land, buildings, improvements, fences, elevations, trees, streams and any other items needed. This type of survey may be required by a governmental agency but mostly its used by engineers and architects for design of improvements or development on a site.

Elevation Certificate

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) utilizes the Elevation Certificate as a administrative tool which is to be used to provide elevation information necessary to ensure compliance with to community floodplain management ordinances, to determine the proper insurance premium rate, or support a request for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA).

Construction Survey

Construction staking establishes the correct location of structures shown on improvement plans and design drawings for constructing roads, pipelines, building, etc. Also we provide pad elevation certificates and setback letters as some agencies require those during the site inspection process.

ALTA/ ACSM Land Title Survey

A survey made for the purpose of supplying a title company and lender with survey and location data necessary for issuing American Land Title Association or Extended Coverage Title Insurance.

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